Atlas Network’s Center for Latin America has initiated a project that aims to raise awareness, for Ibero-American countries, regarding the administrative-bureaucratic burden that small companies must bear to get ahead, and the relevant changes that must be made to support an agenda of human enrichment and inclusive prosperity. The methodology is based on the Bureaucracy Index developed by the Institute of Economic and Social Studies of Slovakia (INESS), adapted to the region, considering the most representative small companies by sector in each country.

In this first edition the institutions that participated in the project are as follows: Fundación Libertad (Argentina); Instituto Liberal (Brazil), Instituto de Ciencia Política Hernán Echavarría Olózaga (Colombia), Mexico Evalúa (Mexico); Fundación Civismo (Spain) and Cedice Libertad (Venezuela). Cedice was the lead institution in the project. Each institution assigned valuable research associates for this purpose, who with dedication and professionalism addressed the issues and challenges facing their respective countries. It is worth highlighting the inclusion of Spain in the study, a country historically and culturally linked to Latin America, and from which we can determine the sources of familiar organizational structures.

The report is only in Spanish but here are the executive summaries translated to English and Portuguese:

Click here to download Executive Summary in English

Click here to download Executive Summary in Portuguese

Click here to download the Full Report in Spanish